Thursday, August 16, 2007

Faridpur, Bangladesh Floods August 2007

Farida (32) is from Modonkhali Village, Sadar upazila in Faridpur district. While waiting in line for her relief package she told us of how the floods affected her family. “The floods came in very quickly. When I had left home, my house was under three feet of water, my goat, hens and chickens died. I and my husband gathered our children (two daughters and two sons) and took refuge in a flood shelter on the road. All our assets are damaged and we have no means to buy food. This is the first relief we are receiving. I hope to return home after a month but I don’t know how I will cope and feed my children. I need support from NGOs to survive this disaster.”Photo: Amin Drik/Concern Aug 07.

A woman wading though flood waters to go back to her home with her relief packet over her head. Photo:Amin Drik/Concern Aug 07.

Flood affected villagers wait for relief in long queue at the relief centre in Faridpur. Photo: Amin Drik/Concern Aug 07.

The old woman in the brown saree in is Firoza (50), wife of a day labourer: “I have lost all my assets to the floods. My kitchen garden is damaged and my home totally destroyed. To survive I and my husband will need to take loan or sell labour in advance to get money for food. I have no other way to obtain food for my family. This relief is a blessing.”

The younger woman in the purple saree is Moyna (45). She is from Dicrir Char, Sadar upazila in Faridpur district. She is a widow with two children. She works as day labourer in the brickfields. Now the brick fields are inundated and her house is damaged, she is struggling to find money for food. “Until the floods totally recede and the brick fields are working again, I have no source of income and even when the waters recede I don’t know how I will manage to support my family.”

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